About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission: to provide the means by which Seniors may join together to enhance the lives of those aging on Salt Spring Island.

Salt Spring Island Seniors Centre began in 1987. The aim was to provide information to Seniors (+ 55 yrs.) on Salt Spring Island.

As times changed so did Seniors. In addition to information about health and lifestyle, and what’s on in town, we’ve created a clubhouse atmosphere where seniors play games like bridge, mahjong and chess, and share interests in painting and meditation, theatre and music. We also have a Drivers Program, weekly lunches and social gatherings.

We have nearly 500 members and everyone brings their own touch of joy and caring to our centre. You’ll find what you want here – or, let us help you make a place for what you want to do: lectures, dancing, yoga, the sky’s the limit!


Membership is $5.00 per annum at Seniors and we also rely on your generous donations to keep our building running and our programs lively. Donations over $20.00 are tax deductible.

Get to know your Board

Donna Smith – President

‘When I retired from teaching in the Okanagan, I moved to Salt Spring.  Both my sisters and their families live here and it’s a great community.  Volunteering at Seniors and The Lady Minto Thrift Shop are my main social activities.  Although, I do love quilting and go to a weekly craft group.  I like being busy and involved in the community.’

Katharyn McNaughton – Vice President

‘When we moved to Salt Spring in 2015, I continued to work until December 2019 when I retired from my work as an educator and administrator.  Currently, I have a small professional practice as a coach and facilitator.  I am involved with Seniors as a Board member, and sing alto with the Lost Chords.  I enjoy my participation in church activities, including singing in the choir.  I love to read, take classes and attend as many of our Island’s cultural and arts events as possible.’

John McPherson – Treasurer

Sharon Bond – Secretary

‘I’ve lived on beautiful Salt Spring for 33 years and was fortunate to work in the Administration office of Lady Minto Hospital for 22 of those years.  After my retirement in 2013, I decided to spend some of my time volunteering, so I became a book shelver at the library and I’ve been the secretary at Seniors since 2019.  Until then, I had no idea of the breadth of activities in the Seniors building and the many community needs that are met by our volunteers.  I’m glad to be a small part of the Society.  I love to take long walks, travel, attend yoga and Aquafit classes and play with my grandsons.’

Trish Brooke – Member at Large

‘I was born and raised in Yorkshire and worked over 40 years as a nurse in the UK, South Africa, and Canada before retiring.  I’ve travelled and worked across Canada before moving to Salt Spring in 2016.  I’ve always done some form of volunteering and really enjoy my time at the front desk and all the wonderful people I meet.’

Lynda Turner – Member at Large

Paul Wolf – Member at Large

‘After a career in public service with several Federal agencies, I retired and worked as a consultant in Nunavut, Rwanda, Madagascar and Zambia.  In 2015, we moved to Salt Spring to be closer to our family.  I’m active in Seniors – as a board member, singing with the Lost Chords, and participating in Friday coffee conversations.  In addition, I enjoy reading, swimming and gentle walks with our senior dog, Missy.’

Jean Elder – Past President

Carolyn Evans – Past Treasurer

‘At university, I took English and Philosophy.  When no one wanted to pay me for brilliant conversation, I took accounting.  After I retired from Lady Minto, I went to a volunteer fair and they sent me here.  That was in December of 2010.  The treasurer had died and his widow gave me all the paperwork in 2 big brown bags.  I sorted all that out and have continued “sorting” for the past 13 years.  Recently I passed the torch on to John McPherson.’

(Please keep an eye out for page updates with more bios and photos.)